Kubernetes Pods As Micro Services

Kubernetes Pods as Microservices

When we stand in the era of Kubernetes which is more than a cloud artitfact,  Latona continuously contributes to a novel, symbolic architecture of Microservice Mesh with Kubernetes Pods.
The styled and holistically stable / scalable architecture commits to hyper-complex application environments with more than 20-30 microservice containers even within an edge computing device.


Service Broker ensures integrated / well-controlled multi-mesh container runtimes, catering as a brokerage service centered in a kubernetes cluster.


The Unit of Microservice changes according to a composition of grand architecture and application requirement in a project. AION™ ‘s Service Mesh with Service Broker and Kubernetes Cluster makes it easy to develop, deploy and maintain source codes by a visualized, integrated design sets and unit-patterns of microservices running on even in a complicated application architecture.


AION™ provides stylish microservice samples pushed in the GitHub with more than 170 repositories, armed with nascent, fashioned formats of yamls, jsons and config files as well as core sources. The facets open-up in the platform are carefully designed for daily usages for developers who aim at embedding innovative items in their software stacks.

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