Edge AI Solutions

Car Traffic Detection

Detecting moving cars by fixed point cameras for traffic analysis. More lightweight, cost effective Edge AI computing software stacks and onboarding hardware are ready for complex, real time data analysis on variety types of traffics.

Car Type / Color Detection

Detecting moving car types and body colors by on board cameras in vehicles to deeply understand situations around.
That enables more robust peripheral recognitions in all tons of conditions such as sunny weather, rain and snow, and night.

Person Detection

Person Detection, working as a critical AI component in variety of segments of computer visioning, is prepared to be served as a microservice within data streaming pipelines. It gives richness and diverse functions on application in the edge devices.

Player Tracking in Football

The world-class agility brought by professional football players in a game requires a high performing, real time analysis on steaming movie data. High-end Edge AI computing is ready to deeply recognize, track and analyze the players who are infinitely moving on the ground by moment.

Super Scrambling Detections

Not little portion of people on the planet knows the Shibuya Crossing is one of the most complicated and jabbering junction in the world. Edge AI Computing fits well for that types of chattering objects detected in real time data streaming architecture.

License Plates Detection

In a crowded place with cars and people, It is not easy to detect license plates number. The Nascently Edge AI Computing solution tracks moving objects and enables license plate detection with high accuracy on streaming video.

Fish Detection

Edge AI can detect wild fish, which assimilates with the blue ocean. Densely gathered fish in the middle of the screen, or the stingray which is sticking on the ground can be detected precisely. Shark, stingray and other normal fish are ready to be distinguished. Each kind of fish is boxed with each color.

Birds Detection

Detecting birds with any color and pattern. It might be difficult even for humans to detect them from distance, which are blending with surrounding environments. Edge AI seldom mistakes them for other objects or misses birds hiding behind others.

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